Wednesday, August 12, 2015


This week was so good! Sister Miller turned 20, and now she's REAL old ;)

Also, it's transfer week, and we're both staying in my home of Ripley, West Virginia! I never want to leave here, and it'll be heartbreaking when I do have to leave. :(

We've been able to pick up a lot of new investigators, and are teaching greatly! As we work on getting our investigators progressing, Sister Miller and I are humbled daily. Preach my Gospel is such an incredible tool for anyone who wants to do missionary work, and I wish I hadn't taken it for granted before my mission, so some advice to all you youngin's who are out there preping for a mission, STUDY Preach My Gospel! and never ever overlook the Book of Mormon. It is TRULY the word of God, as if He wrote you a personal letter, so why not read it daily?

So, I got myself into trouble this week! We've recently had an investigator move away, with her family, after she broke up with her boyfriend. Well, in the process of trying to find her boyfriend, to continually teach him, we could tell that her kitten was still locked up in her apartment, and that thing was SCREECHING. You could tell it was not being taken care of, just by the sounds it was making, and I was HEART BROKEN. It's a mission rule that we're not aloud to have pets (pretty self-explanatory) but I couldn't just let that kitten die in there, so we went searching for the landlord, to see if we could take the cat, and find it a home. Long story short, worst mistake of my life. As I put upon myself the responsibility of finding a home for this cat, it turned out a lot more that what I anticipated. We eventually found a home for it, and all was well, but holy moly it was stressful and not worth it... Wish I coulda just kept the cat for myself. :) #gottalearnsomehow

Anyways, thanks for all the prayers and thoughts! The area is growing so much, and Sister Miller is incredible!

Love, Sister Kirkby

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