Monday, August 3, 2015

Bird Troubles


What a busy week this week! First off, here's a picture of when I smash a bird to pieces... It literally looked like it exploded when I hit it. It was really depressing, but also hilarious.

We were able to do a lot of walking this last week, because it was the end of the month, which means we're runnin' low on miles.... walking=lots of tan lines, and more sweat than you can even imagine, but it's also great because we get to meet so many people on the street, and talk to people who might be prepared to hear our message. One man we were talking to was really excited to hear about the organization of our church, and I guess I've always taken that for granted... out here, in the bible belt, most church's are "family run" and there's a lot of bias. This man was talking about how in every church he's been to, he's not liked that, and was really impressed to hear that we an run by a modern day prophet.

There's always so much we take for granted as we grow up in the church. Things we don't even think about. How blessed I was to learn from my parents, and to learn all of this growing up.

We picked up some new investigators, one named Kelly, who has a daughter that reminds me SO MUCH of my sister Savannah (also, shout out to her, she was baptized on Saturday! Proud of that girl!) And we also picked up a young man who is on house arrest for drugs... but is very interested in learning.. we think. He might just like the company because he get's lonely... so we'll see! #benefitofthedoubt

We saw Sister Sorensen at a zone meeting this last week, and boy what a blast from the past (or month... lol) She's doing great things in her area, and I love the example she is to me.

Speaking of examples . . . You know how it's thought that the trainer is the one training the trainee? WELL it's actually basically the opposite. Sister Miller is always keeping me on my toes.... and I LOVE her for it. So much. She is training me to be the best missionary I can be, and I'm so blessed to be serving with her. She is constantly looking outward, rather than inward, and that's an attribute I wish I had more of.

Funny story, we were tracting the other day, and it was Sis. Millers turn to introduce us, and as she starts talking, the man who answered interrupts and says "We'll, I'm actually a baptist preacher" and she freezes. She doesn't say anything... just stares at him..... intimidated much? :) It happens all the time... these people "already have Jesus"... that's great! Just let us give you more of Him!!!!

Well, anyways, life's good here in Ripley. Thanks for the prayers and support. I love this work with all of my heart!

Love, Sister Kirkby

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