Monday, January 4, 2016

New year, new start

Hello everyone!

New year, new start, positive happy thoughts! :)
I hope everyone was able to make some new years resolution, and will actually stick to them this time! :)

Missionary life is the best thing that's ever happened to me. As I study and learn, I feel so blessed to be a part of this gospel, and I want everyone to be able to feel the same way I feel.

A member said to us the other day "If you can't imagine the person sitting across from you in the Celestial Room of the temple, then you don't understand the Atonement" and it hit me really hard. I did a lot of self evaluation, and I came to the conclusion that it is so easy to be the type of person to quickly judge. The natural man in us goes against what God has taught, but because we are giving the Light of Christ, and because we strive to recognize it, we can improve our thoughts, and learn to TRULY love people. God loved us SO MUCH that He was willing to send His ONLY Son to suffer for us. Jesus Christ literally made it so that ALL of us could make it back to our Heavenly Father. We rejoiced of this plan when we heard of it in the Pre-Earth. Each of us chose to come here, because we knew it'd be worth it in the end. We also knew it would be hard, and so we knew we could rely on our Savior.

As we pray and study the scriptures, we apply the sacrifice our Savior made in our lives. As we have faith, repent, and come unto Him, we truly change for the better. Repentance is changing everyday, and as we repent, we know what joy is.

I'm so thankful for this gospel, and for the opportunity to share my knowledge with others in the unique place of West Virginia. I wouldn't trade my mission for anything in the world. The things I've learned have helped me to truly understand our plan. I thought I was living the gospel before my mission, but oh boy, was I wrong. There's so much to continuously learn, and I can't wait to keep learning!

I challenge all of you to study your scriptures with real intent, and to learn more of our Savior this year!

Love, Sister Kirkby

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