Monday, December 7, 2015

the sickness blues

It's been an awesome week, despite Sister Marsh and I being sicker than sick. We don't really know what's wrong with us, but oh boy, are we coughing up a storm. The other night I couldn't sleep AT ALL (probably until about 3:00 was when I fell asleep) and I was coughing so hard. Sister Marsh was out, but apparently I was bothering our neighbor, and she came up and rang our doorbell at about 11:30. Scared the goodness right out of us, and she was just offering cough syrup. I thanked her, and told her that we already had some, as well as apologized. It was still a nice way of her saying "shut up, I'm trying to sleep", though. :)

Every winter I get this nasty cough, and I think it might be Asthma related, but oh well, we'll push through, right? I haven't coughed this hard since i've had walking pneumonia, but we've already been to the doctor, and she said nothing was wrong with me... whatevs.

We had our friend who's ready for baptism at church yesterday, as well as a new friend! They're both really awesome! We should be seeing a baptism this Saturday! Keep her in your prayers, because Satan will be harping on her!

Well, happy December to all! It feels like yesterday that I left the MTC. Time as a missionary is a weird concept.

Love, Sister Kirkby

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