Friday, December 18, 2015

Carless, Bedridden, Baptized


Transfer news is in and Sister Marsh and I are both STAYING! YES!

This week was the longest week of my whole mission life, but it was also SO good! So, my last email, I had described the sickness that Sister Marsh and I were hit with... well, it didn't get better. On Tuesday, we were so sick that we decided to get rest and not leave the house. The next day we discovered that something was seriously wrong with our car, so we took it in. After they had checked it out, the mechanic told us that "he would not advise us driving it, because it might blow up". It was a little dramatic, but we "ain't gunna risk it". (as the West Virginians would say) so we said they could keep it, and they told us we wouldn't have it back until Monday..... ugh. 

It's a good thing Sister Marsh got super sick the rest of the week, because working without a car is impossible. ;) But seriously, poor Sister Marsh. the best way to describe her was "dead". At one point, I was in another room, and we got a phone call from our district leader. I thought she was asleep, so I didn't bother to go wake her up. I finish my conversation with him, and I hear her calling my name, so I go to her and she says "I would have gotten up to come and talk to him with you, but I'm paralyzed." bless her heart.

She was able to get feeling better for our baptism on Saturday! It was wonderful to see our friend Tommie enter into covenants. The Spirit was so strong, and I feel so blessed to be a tool in the hands of our Father at this time. This work is real. It's the most important work on this earth, and I only have 9 more months to consecrate all of my time and choices to the Lord. I know He is please, and that's all I desire is to please Him. I am so blessed.

Never forget that the Lord is in EVERY SINGLE detail of our lives. He knows what's best for us. That's what I've learned this week :) I would never trade my mission in for ANYTHING. I've learned so much, and I'm glad I get to continue to learn.

Love, Sister Kirkby

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