Tuesday, November 17, 2015

true power, not just form

Hello everyone!

This week was so good! We got to go to Charleston for a few day, and learn from Elder Kopischke, from the 70. He was a mission president in Germany, and had a lot of wonderful things he shared with us.

About agency he said that we can only teach things that we know, and we can only receive knowledge that we're ready to receive. It was really insightful, and helped us better understand why people reject our message, rather than just assuming it happens, because it happens. He talked about how we need to have power behind what we do, not just form. We can't "go through the motions" and it was a wonderful reminder. When we help people understand the how and what of what we ask them to do, we start to teach true doctrine, and true doctrine is what changes behavior. I was taught a lot about compassion, and that's one thing I want to start praying for more in my missionary work.

Our friend who's on date to be baptized is doing well! We're seeing roadblocks, but it's bound to happen! Satan sure is against us....

I saw all my past companions this last week, and it was so fun!

I love missionary work, and I love all of you! Keep making good choices!

Love, Sister Kirkby

PS all the leaves are gone... does that mean it's time for winter?! NOOO

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