Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Martianaries or Missionators?

This week was crazy long! aka TRANSFER WEEK! The verdict is in, and sad to say, but Sister Erickson will be leaving good ole' Fairmont. I'm really sad, and feel really jipped, because I only got to serve with her for one transfer, but the Lord has a plan. My new companion here in Fairmont will be Sister Marsh. I'll get to meet her tomorrow! So excited, and I've heard so many great things about her!

Halloween was great! We didn't really do anything differently... except for take pictures with these super cute masks my mom sent! It was so fun!

Funny story! Wednesday night (last Wednesday night) we were walking up to a door for an appointment with a lady we've only met once before, and Sis E knocks. After she knocks, you can see a young man, about our age, come to the door, and behind him was another young man. We're thinkin' they're friends of this girl Brittany, or something, so when they open the door, Sis E asks for Brittany. The first boy points to a third boy, who is holding a box of fruit snacks. and says "Yeah! This is Brittany". At this point, we were really confused. She just kinda looks at him (her face was priceless, I'm sure) and he says "No I'm just kidding. We thought you were trick-or-treaters. Do you want some fruit snacks?"......

Okay, number one, it's a Wednesday night. It's not even Halloween.... number two, do we look like trick-or-treaters?! Number three..... it's Wednesday!??!?! Number four.... do you know how tall we are?! do we really look like trick-or-treaters?!?!

oh man. it was hilarious. we just kinda wish them a good night, and walk away. All the way back to our car, all three of them yell down the street "Have a good night! Be safe! Come back!" over and over again. Wish we would have invited them to learn, but we both were speechless, because what are you supposed to do when that happens? We laughed really hard....

We also tracted into a professional baseball player... that was cool! :)

We're seeing a lot of awesome things happen in Fairmont! SO much stuff happened. Fairmont is booming, and we've found some awesome people to teach. One of our friends came to church on Sunday! She came with her kids, and she loved it! We taught her the Word of Wisdom on Monday, and tonight we'll be teaching her a stop-smoking workshop. She's on date to be baptized at the end of this month, and so far we are looking up!!!! :) We picked up a new friend, who just get's it. She understands the need for a restoration, and she's so willing to learn, and to pray. She doesn't have support from her family though, so that'll be a road block. Our ward mission leader has a son who is a non-member, and we started teaching him, and his family.. They're awesome! They also came to church! It was a miracle! they won't be able to come this week, because they're out of town, but next week for sure! We put them on date to be baptized on Jan 17, and I'm sure they'll make it!

I love missionary work!
Thanks for your support!
Love, Sister Kirkby

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