Sunday, November 29, 2015

tracting and teaching

This week was pretty norm. We were able to pick up three new investigators, and that's always a blast! they seem pretty sincere, and are reading the Book of Mormon, so that's wonderful!

I love the Book of Mormon, and the power that it holds! It has motivating influence to change behavior, and it's a blessing to all those who read it.

Sister Marsh and I laugh so much... basically all the time. We are THE weirdest people when we are together, and if anyone happened to overhear us... they'd be SO confused, because we just don't even make sense. Sometimes I confuse myself... :)

We've been doing a lot of tracting, and I love the concept of teaching immediately, because you can tell who is interested when they open the door, and when they're not. You see hearts soften, and it smacks when they still reject your offer to teach more, but it's all the the Lords timing. My mission has really taught me a lot about that.

It snowed yesterday... not a whole lot.. but it was the first snow of the year. It's getting REAL cold, and I'm in the coldest part of the mission... sometimes I think the Lord has a weird sense of humor. :)

We have a fireside this weekend, all about the Savior, and His life, and we're really excited about it. Kick off to Christmas..

... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S THE HOLIDAY SEASON? Feels like yesterday it was March and I was getting ready to leave for West Virginia.

I feel so blessed to be here. I love these people, and I love this place. 

Love, Sister Kirkby

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