Wednesday, March 9, 2016

happiness seekers...

So, new places, new start!
I'm getting transferred! First off, I'm really sad, because I LOVE FAIRMONT. And Sister Marsh... and I will miss both dearly, BUT I'm headed to Roanoke Virginia... the blessed land of the mission.... every missionary wants to end up in Roanoke, and I've been blessed to go there. I leave tomorrow, and I am so excited. My new companion will be Sister Ward. She's from Kansas.

Over the past few days we've been meeting with people so that I could have the opportunity to say goodbye to them, and I just love all of these people. I'll really miss those that I've taught, and Fairmont has taught me a lot about the love the Lord has for each of His children, and also about how infinite the Atonement is.

We had a lot of friends at church on Sunday, and I was happy because I got to share my testimony one last time while here in Fairmont. I talked a lot about our Savior and the power that He gives each of us, and about how the Book of Mormon truly testifies of Him, and allows us to strengthen our relationship with Him.

Sister Marsh and I have been thinking a lot about joy, and if there is one thing she's taught me is that we are all to be "happiness seekers". She does everything she can to continuously be happy, and she's such an example to me. One thing we've talked a lot about this last week is how the gospel is meant to help us to be happy... especially as we rely on our Savior. I am so thankful for the joys that come from living this gospel, and I have added desire to share our message with everyone!

Don't forget to read your scriptures, say your prayers, and follow the Savior!
Love, Sister Kirkby

first pictures is of a woman in our ward who made me a hand stitched quilt... each stitch was done by hand. It took her about two months

next picture is with Ethan. gotta love that guy!

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