Monday, March 21, 2016

Fear of Water

WOW SO MUCH IS HAPPENING IN ROANOKE, AND IT'S SUCH A BLESSING. I love missionary work! and I love Sister Ward! We've been able to get along really well, and open up over the last week.

We met a few bible bashers yesterday, so that was great. One was a man who is Seventh-day Adventist, and he just wanted to preach at us and tell us that the Sabbath is on Saturday, not Sunday, and that the Mark of the Beast is going to be upon us if we continue to worship on Sunday. He did it out of sincere concern for us, but it was still awkward, and kinda funny. We tried to put in our two cents about the BOM, but he wouldn't listen, so we just left abruptly. 

Another is a family we're working with. She's a lot more willing to learn, and has a more of a soft heart than he has. They're Baptist, and HUGE on "by grace we're saved, nothing else"... we know that we have to have works, and they don't like that at all. He preached at us yesterday as well, and it reminded me a lot of what it was like to teach E. The best part of it all is that we believe EXACTLY what they believe, and more... so I don't see why they can't love the broader truth we have! I have been praying for a lot of understanding and charity. They have a cute family, and I want to see them in the temple one day. It would mean a lot for them, I know, so we committed them to continue to read from the BOM.

We ate dinner at some other investigators this week. It was a quick lesson after dinner, but they're a cute family. She's a sign language interpreter, and in high demand, so she's ALWAYS busy, and he's an ex-marine. She has been really into the BOM, and I'm glad for that, and he is a little bit more lazy in that aspect. We have an appointment with them tomorrow, so I'm excited to see how that goes. Hopefully we'll be able to make some big strides.

Our progressing friend came to church again. We didn't get to see him this last week, and he showed up 10 mins before sacrament ended, but at least he came. We had a good Sunday school lesson about the scriptures, and it was really good for him to hear, because he doesn't study as much as he probably should. He doesn't believe in Christ, and I know that if he would just read in the BOM, his testimony of Him would increase dramatically. We have an appointment with him tonight.

We're teaching an older man, and we had a really spiritual lesson with him about the restoration, and the BOM. He said that if he knew it was true that he'd be baptized, and we put him on date for May 14th. The Spirit was so strong, you could cut it with a knife, and I was glad for that experience, because I was needing it. He's going to continue to read, and to pray to know if this is the path for him. He can't come to church for several weeks though, because he has duties in his own church he has to tend to...

We picked up two new investigators, and it was literally led by the Spirit. We planned to tract at this certain time, and they were the first people we talked to. We knocked on the door, and the guy goes "who is it?"and I say "the sister missionaries" and he said "that's fine.." and opens up, and let's us right in. They are a young couple. He's a hoot. He's afraid of water and he has a "very short temper, and a lot of guns." we'll see how this one goes. haha, we taught them the Resto, and they agreed to be baptized if they knew it was true, despite the fear of water.

I feel that we're being so blessed, here in Roanoke, and I love it... missionary work has changed my life

Feels weird that it's been a year.... time sure does fly. I better start praying about what I'm gunna do when I get home!
Have a good week!

(picture is in front of a 1790 old farm home owned by some members who fed us breakfast earlier in the week. It was a neat house, with cool hedges, haha)

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