Monday, February 15, 2016

The Lord's Hand

Miracle week:
  • A media referral turned into the most prepared person ever.
  • A part member family is so ready to come back to church and to be baptized after moving into our area.
  • A family with whom we've been visiting with for about 5 months committed to live the Word of Wisdom.
  • A young girl about our age saw God's hand in her life and reached out to us for help and understanding.
  • Our friend E came to church and has had lots of concerns resolved.
and lots more but I just can't think of them. We were able to help E with a lot of concerns this week. He feels that there is no need for law, or for commandments, and that we're saved by grace, and by grace alone, but we know that commandments are necessary. We have a test here in this life, and the following the commandments is how we get an A++. He told us that HE feels that this isn't the path for him, and we basically told him to stop thinking about what he wants, but to line his will with Gods. We committed him to keep reading and praying, because we know that this is the Lords will. He accepted, and was still willing to prepare for baptism on the 20th. For our next lesson we met him at the church, and unknowingly he had food poisoning during our whole lesson. haha, he probably was feeling miserable, but it was an INCREDIBLE lesson. We taught a lot about choice, and about how our choice is the only thing that can get in the way of God's will. He had a lot of good things to say, and he seemed to really understand. We asked him what he feels the Lord wants for him, and he said "After the chapter I read last night in Alma 30, and after our lesson tonight, my heart is softening." He really liked Alma 30, talking about Korihor, because Korihor 's choice got in the way of the Lord's will. We committed him to come to church with a question, and promised him that his question would be answered as he came to church. He worked two night shifts in a row, and still came to church. It was awesome. The speakers talked all about the temple, and afterwards, E said his question had been answered, but he didn't elaborate.... He was like "okay, well I'm really tired, so I'm going to head home and sleep" and we were like "wait so um, Saturday? your baptism?" and he was like "well, this week is really busy, because of my interview in Pittsburg, so I'll keep praying about it, and you contact me in the middle of the week." and I just looked at him and said "You're going to give me a heart attack!!!!" and he just laughed.........The thing is, he know's it's true, he's just making it a lot more complicated than it needs to be. We know he'll be baptized this Saturday, and it's going to be the fastest baptism process of my whole life, but so worth it. :) Keep us in your prayers, and keep E in your prayers!

I love seeing the Lord's hand in my life so strongly. I know He is here for me, and I know He's blessing my family back home. I love all of you! I hope you've had a good Valentines Day!

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