Monday, February 8, 2016

Did You Think to Pray?

Wow. What a week.

Our friend E stressed us out BIG time. Long story short: we didn't get to see him all week. We had stayed in contact with him via text, and followed up with his studies. He said they had been slow... so that was also worrying us, because we knew he hadn't been receiving the spiritual upliftment that is necessary for conversion... since it's so close to his baptism date, we panicked a little bit. Sunday morning rolls around, and long story short we felt that E wasn't going to make it to church, but we fasted for him, and had the faith that the Lord would provide. The opening song was Did You Think to Pray and I just decided to pray because I was just really really upset for a lot of reasons. I'm praying to Heavenly Father, with so many doubts in my mind, and as I'm talking with the Lord, someone plops down next to me. I open my eyes, and look over, and say oh, hi E.... and THEN MY BRAIN REGISTERED THAT E WAS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME IN CHURCH!  I don't think I've ever been more happy in my whole entire life than at that moment. It was so awesome, and I KNEW God was listening. This week has been full of miracles, and I love how aware the Lord is.

Also, I had a miracle day on exchanges with Sister Robinson this week. I was in Morgantown with her, and we found 6 new investigators... in 4 HOURS.... IT'S HARD TO GET 6 NEW IN ONE WEEK LET ALONE 4 HOURS. The sisters had set a goal of 5 new investigators the night before, that were VERY faith filled, and Sister Robinson and I did EVERYTHING we could to hit that goal, and the Lord SERIOUSLY provided. I love what obedience does for us, and I love that we were able to be diligent, and hold onto the faith filled goal. It was so awesome...

Sister Marsh and I have learned a lot about doing the hard things. My dad would be proud of the conclusion we came to, because he is all about how hard things are good... and they are. Sometimes we're quick to take the easy way out of missionary work, but when we put in a little more effort, it's so worth it, and the Lord will provide so much more. We've also learned that we can't be in a check box mode through out life. Every thing we do has to be lead with power. If we just do things because we are told to do them, then we won't be converted to the gospel, and the gospel is what is the center of our lives. It should ALWAYS be a priority, because the eternal perspective opens up more doors.

I love this gospel so much, and I want it to bless everyone's life. I hope you all have a good week, and don't forget to read your scriptures, because that's how we truly stay converted

1 Nephi 8

Love, Sister Kirkby
888 Oakwood Rd
STE 310
Charleston, WV

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