Monday, October 5, 2015

General Conference with Real Intent

Hey everyone!
looks like October is here for multiple reasons!
#1 It's tights weather time!
#2 The leaves are changing

I loved general conference! It always brings a new motivation and enlightenment, as long as you go in with real intent! This conference was the first time I went in with some question's I was wanting answered, and it made ALL the difference in the world! I was really able to focus, and hear the words the Lord wanted me to hear this time.

I LOVED Kim B. Clark's talk when he said "we do not need to be perfect, but we need to be good at being better" .... our Fathers purpose is to help us progress, and He really will do anything to help us succeed. WE just need to make the difference. I felt the Spirit SO strongly when our three new apostles shared their testimonies. I know that the Lord has called them personally to be a part of the greatest quorum on this earth. I pray for health for our Prophet, and I know He is doing the Lords work. I really learned that we need to do our work the Lords way, not our way, and we need to live lives so that we are in tune with the Spirit, so that He can tell us how to do it the Lords way.

I love missionary work, and I love West Virginia. There's no place I'd rather be!

Love, Sister Kirkby

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