Monday, October 19, 2015

calm faith... and SQUIRREL HUNTING?!

Last Monday we went to a beautiful state park called Valley Falls. It was a good trip, and the leaves were beautiful! You can't even capture how beautiful everything is in a picture! You just gotta see it!

We went on exchanges twice, and I love being a sister training leader, because I can learn so much from the sisters that I serve, although I rarely see Sister Erickson! Time goes by SO fast, and I'm still trying to figure out where my week went.

We're seeing so many miracles this last few weeks of the transfer, and we're working hard! Yesterday was a cool experience, because we needed one other lesson in order to hit our goals. Typically, I'm frantically trying to figure out how we're going to teach one other person, but yesterday, I felt so calm about it. I just knew that the Lord would provide us another lesson, even though we didn't have anyone to teach. As we went throughout our day, I was striving to listen to the Spirit tell us who needed to hear a message of Jesus Christ. We knocked on a few doors, and talked to a few new people, but there was nothing coming to me. We had about an hour left in the night, and I still felt that the Lord was going to provide. Sister Erickson suggested a person we hadn't seen for awhile (a potential investigator) and as soon as Sis E said her named, I KNEW that it was the person we were supposed to teach. We showed up at her house, and were able to share a brief message about the Restoration, and it was awesome! I'm so blessed to have a companion who is worthy to receive promptings of the Spirit, and I love that the Lord provides when we act in faith.

It's gotten REAL chilly these past few days! We've broken into the boots, and the coats, and the first frost happened the other night. That means is time for SQUIRREL HUNTING. :) 

This weekend we're participating in a trunk or treat that the community is putting on, and we're (kinda) dressing up as fishermen, and have a "fishers of men" theme, with the elders in our area. It'll be fun, plus I know how to really decorate ocean themed, thanks to RFG. :) There are estimated 600-1000 kids that'll show up, so we've been stapling a lot of cards to different pieces of candy. whew!

Keep praying for the area, and for the members! We're seeing growth, and I feel SO blessed to be a missionary!
Love, Sister Kirkby

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