Wednesday, September 23, 2015

the "red zone" (and TRANSFER!)

Good Morning! it's TRANSFERS WEEK!

This was the longest week and a half of my life! And I'm way excited today is P-day because holy moly it was needed.

Last week all the missionaries met in Charleston to have a device put on our cars called TIWI. The purpose of this device is to get bad drivers off the road. It has a GPS in it, and knows the speed limits in the areas we're driving, so when we exceed the limit, it'll say "Check Speed" and we'll have to slow down. If we don't slow down, it will send an 'bad mark' to the main computer in the mission office, and then over the period of 6 weeks, it will count all the alerts, and determine whether or not you're an awful driver. If you get in the "red zone", President will take your driving privileges away. Another way you can get dinged is if you drive aggressively, and you automatically get a bad mark if you do that. I have yet to drive with it, because Sister Miller has been driving, but that thing gives me anxiety! I'm always telling Sister Miller to drive safe so it doesn't go off..... I get a little paranoid. :)

The verdict is in! I'm being TRANSFERRED! It's really bitter-sweet. I'm going to miss the area, and Sister Miller SO much. This place is my home, and I KNOW I was needed here at the time I was. We saw it grow SO much, and I'm excited for Sister Miller to be training a new missionary here :)

as for me....... I'm going to be serving with Sister Erickson, (who was actually Sister Sorensen's trainer) and I'll be in Fairmont, West Virginia..... I was called to be a Sister Training Leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM SO EXCITED and so nervous. I am so excited that I'll be able to learn from so many sisters in the mission, and I am very excited to learn from Sister Erickson. I know she is an incredible missionary, and I feel so blessed.

The area of Ripley has seen a lot, and it continues to grow exponentially. The Lord really does have His hand in all things. I know that we are imperfect tools in His hands, and I know that He knows we're imperfect, and despite that fact, He still called us to the work, because of our desire. The love I have for this area, as well as the love I have for obedience has really blessed my life eternally. I love this work, and I love our Savior!
Make sure you send mail to the mission office at
888 Oakwood Rd STE 310
Charleston, WV
until I get my new address! Never forget that the Lord loves you! Love, Sister Kirkby

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