Monday, April 13, 2015

My First Week in West Virginia

HELLO wonderful family and friends!

Last Tuesday I flew out to WV with my MTC district and we got here at about 5:00pm. We stayed at the mission home for a couple of days and went through some orientation, and teaching. Thursday was transfer day, so that morning we said goodbye as an MTC group, and it was kinda sad. I really grew to love those missionaries, and I learned a lot from them.

Sister Kirkby and Sister Brower
EASTER - Sister Kirkby and Sister Brower
Thursday morning I met my trainer companion for the next 12 weeks, and she is THE BEST. Her name is Sister Sorensen, and she's been out in the field for about 4 months now. We are working in an area that's pretty large called Ripley, WV. Our entire area covers all of Jackson county of WV, so there's a ton of little towns that we also travel to. Each day we pick a town to work in, and spend all day there. There is a lot of work to be done in Ripley, and we're determined to change this struggling area! We really need to start finding people to teach, so we've been talking to EVERYONE.

Sister Kirkby and Sister Sorensen

First Area - Ripley, West Virginia
There is a lot of unexpectedness here in Ripley.

#1, most people live in trailer homes, and it's really humbling to see how these people live. Most of them get by, and are pretty happy with their situations, and it's a blessing to see these people thrive as best they can when times are hard.

#2, Welcome to the bible belt. Every time we meet someone nice, I get super excited, thinking they'll want to hear our message, but in reality they've "already found Jesus, and aren't looking for conversion." .... This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME, and it gets a little frustrating, because what are you supposed to tell them? It's said that the average person needs 7 interactions with the missionaries in order to be willing to invite us into their home, so I keep telling myself that we're just building interactions, and one day we'll meet someone who's been prepared.

#3, there's a lot of drug use here in WV, that I was not expecting at ALL. It's actually really sad, and I just want to help all of these people, but how can you?

#4, our branch is so tiny. basically there were about 12 people in church yesterday... but they all have HUGE testimonies, which is a blessing!

I haven't had anything unique to eat, in fact we just kinda grab and go. We went to a members house to eat yesterday, and all they veggies were fresh from their garden, and it was SO GOOD. The brother (Brother Walters) said he'd prepared some squirrel for next week..... I kinda want to try it just to say I have! :)

We brought an investigator to church yesterday, but he kept leaving the building to tend to his tobacco addiction.... We'll have to work on that (basically we'll have to work on that with every investigator we have.) He said he enjoyed church, but he didn't have any specifics to share. We'll just keep working with him.

We have another investigator on date to be baptized, and we feel really great about her. Her name is Lisa, and she is amazing! She loves to learn, and you can tell she really feels the spirit. She's so nice, and way happy. We have a meeting with her today, and we really hope we can just prep her to be ready by May!

Well, that's about it. Just a lot of work to be done, and we are working hard!

Send me mail!! The best way to do it is through the mission office. Address is 
Sister Kirkby
888 Oakwood Dr Suit 310
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also, EMAILS! I would love to hear how everyone is doing!

I love you all, and thanks for your prayers and support!
Love, Sister Kirkby

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  1. Yay!! The pictures are great. I sent you an email, and I want to send a care package, so that will happen in May. I am sending you sunshine in the meantime! sis kertesz