Monday, August 15, 2016

Vegetarian homophobes or homophobic vegetarians?

So, we have two baptisms planned for Saturday, and I am so excited! Keep our investigators in your prayers, because they need it! Satan is throwing EVERYTHING he's got at them.. Hate that guy.

This week was good... one of our investigators almost dropped us because he thought we hated gay people and didn't eat meat, but we were able to clarify, and it's all good now.

Our investigators Sister R, who is SUPER awesome, and way elect finally came to church yesterday.... with like, 8 grand kids... it was awesome. She texted us the night before and said "well, I got a bunch of kids with me, but I've put this off for far too long, so we'll all be coming tomorrow morning!" and she made it! So proud of her, and I know the Lord will bless her. She's on date for September 10, and she's doing really well with living the word of wisdom.. .we just gotta get the law of chastity down, and she'll be good. :)

Since seeing Brother P and Brother S grow and change, and prepare for baptism this Saturday, I've been thinking about the power of the Atonement, and what it can do in ones life. Both of these men come from very different backgrounds. One is already very firm in his faith, and has now strengthened his rock in the Savior, and one started at square one when we first started meeting with him... no matter where these two were in their spirituality, the gospel changed both of them tremendously, and it can do the same for us... whether we're the relief society president, the bishop, a non member, or your average member, the Atonement can work miracles in your life. There's a quote from Preach My Gospel that I came accross this morning that I love
"Repentance and change will help people conquer challenges, rid themselves of shame and guilt, and experience the peace and joy of God’s forgiveness."

We ALL deserve these promised blessings, so don't forget to repent and change!

Love, Sister Kirkby

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