Monday, July 18, 2016

TRULY the Lord's work

TWO MORE TRANSFERS LEFT... and I get to train such an awesome new missionary through it all. #soblessed. Her name is Sister Stettler, and she's from Boise Idaho. She graduated in 2015, and she went to LDS Buisness College for interior design. She likes to run, and she's just so cute. She also reminds me a WHOLE lot of my old trainee, Sister Miller... like it's actually really creepy. I keep thinking to myself "wow, I feel like I've done this before.." oh man, I love it though.

The missionary work here in Martinsville is moving along swimmingly. We had six investigators at church yesterday (SIX!) and it was such a blessing.

Brother P has committed to live the word of wisdom, and we're doing our best to help him to quit smoking. Curse those addictions!

Brother S is really excited for his baptism, and him and his wife are already talking about getting sealed in the temple! I'll for sure be back in a year to enjoy that experience with them.

Sister H is driving the struggle bus. She needs to get out of her home life situation, but it's really hard for her. She knows she needs to be baptized, and I know that one day she will... she just has to find hope in such a dark world that she lives in. She probably studies the most I've ever seen someone study. She is so awesome, and I love her so much.

We are teaching a lot more people, and they are all progressing within their own timing, and I've learned a lot lately about trusting fully in the Lords promises. We do what we can, and then we HAVE to put it in the Lords hands, and we can't worry about it anymore. Once it's in his hands, we just keep going, and do our best. As I've been able to do that, I've seen the ward step it up, and I've seen our investigators progress faster than I ever have on my mission. This TRULY is the Lords work... it ain't ours, and as we turn it over to him, and humble ourselves, I see more miracles than I ever have before.

(did you like my southern "ain't"?... it's becoming a part of my everyday vocabulary.. haha)

well, I hope y'all have a good week! Don't forget to be a missionary to those around you!

Love, Sister Kirkby

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