Saturday, June 18, 2016

Temple Fever

I love Martinsville. I love Sister Sorensen. BUT I DON'T LOVE THE HEAT OH MY GOSH. It hit 107 WITH humidity... oh my help.

But for reals, I seriously love Sister Sorensen. She is so fun. We're ready to hit the pavement hard, since it's her last transfer, and we've already seen so many miracles! She's taught me a lot, and she's not afraid to talk to everyone, which is really awesome. We found 5 new investigators last week, with only being together for 3 days, and I'm excited to find more, and hopefully see a baptism before she leaves.

also, on her last p-day we're going to the temple!!! There is only a small percentage of areas that are close enough to a temple, and Martinsville is one of them! We have a recent convert who is going to go do baptism, and we're gunna go with him, and with some other members. The members here are great, and I'm excited to work with them more.

We're teaching this man named Brother Morales, and he is really prepared. He's bi-lingual (wish I spoke Spanish!!!!!) and so we had some members who speak Spanish come to a lesson we had yesterday to translate anything he didn't understand, and it was really cool to feel the Spirit even when we couldn't understand what they were saying. He agreed to be baptized when he knew it was true, and so it'll be excited to see how he progresses.

well, I'm seriously on the downward scale, and with my trainer being home now, and my trainee hitting her year mark, it makes it a little more real.... wish I could be a missionary forever.
Love, Sister Kirkby

ps. I'll miss the color green when I go back to Las Vegas... someone told me it has been repeatedly 120 this past week back home. HAH that smacks.

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