Monday, July 6, 2015

Saying Goodbye to my Trainer, and Hello to my Trainee!

This week has been so good, full of roller coaster emotions, as I've said goodbye to my trainer, and have picked up my new companion. Sister Miller is INCREDIBLE. She's from Lehi, Utah, and actually knows Rick, my cousin...she did musical theater at Lehi High, and was in Prisoner of War with him (someone tell him, as I'm sure he doesn't read my emails. ;)) She went to Utah State for two years, and has an associates in English, going into Deaf Education. She clogs as a hobby, and loves to sing! As she adjusts to missionary work, I can tell that all she wants is to love the people we serve, and she is already loving them as she's getting to know them. She has a strong desire to serve the Lord, and to love the area, and it's a huge example to me.

On Thursday, I took Sister Miller to the Arts and Crafts Fair, here in Ripley, and we passed out cute little American flags to people as we talked and introduced ourselves. We didn't really find any potential investigators, but we did have a good time, and put our name tags out there, which is effective. Sister Miller was so good at talking to strangers, and I was very impressed.

On Saturday, the 4th of July, we seriously had a BLAST. Ripley is known for the "Largest Small Town 4th of July Day Celebration in the Nation." What a mouth full.... and boy was it large. It was every missionaries dream come true! People everywhere, to invite to learn, and get to know! We picked up five potential investigators, and have plans to go see them all this coming week, so please keep in your prayers that we will be able to pick up some new investigators. We just went around, once again passing out American flags, and talked to as many people as possible. Our feet were tired, from all the walking, but it was so worth it. We looked passed the rejection, and just had fun! That night we lit sparklers, and got all decked out with the fun stuff my mom sent us! (Thanks mom!)

As I grasp this whole leadership thing, I'm still learning the ropes of missionary work. I have ultimate faith that the Lord is with me, and that He won't abandon me, as I feel slightly alone in this process. I know I'll make mistakes, and through those mistakes, I have to remember to learn from them. I know that I'll learn much more about missionary work training a new missionary, rather than being a new missionary, and I'll take all the knowledge I need!

Thanks for all the prayers coming my way!
Love, Sister Kirkby

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