Monday, June 8, 2015


Hello everyone!

Life's good here in good ol' Ripley, West Virginia! We've really seen a lot of miracles in our area, and I'm so blessed to be here with Sister Sorensen. I learn so much from her every day, and I'm sad that training is almost over. 3 more weeks! Can you believe it? Then I'll be on my own in this big scary missionary world. ;) I'm so glad Sis. S is preparing me for that though. She's really taught me that simplicity is key, that we don't have to know everything, as long as we use our resources, and that becoming a consecrated missionary is what our ultimate goal is. We must lay everything out on the table, and really look outward instead of inward when it comes to the work. As President Hinkley said "Forget yourself and go to work" and that's what I try to do everyday, so that we can be successful. As we forget ourselves, we become naturally obedient, and obedience brings miracles, which we all need as missionaries. 

Sorry this week was pretty uneventful, and I wish I had a fun story to tell. We saw a bunch of goats this week, that followed us everywhere. It was pretty adorable. We've met a less-active member of the church who LOVES animals. She raises squirrels, and has two baby ones right now, that she found after a tree had fallen, killing the momma squirrel. She's also taking care of four baby bunnies, three little kittens, on top of the three grown squirrels she owns, her three cats, one dog, a domestic bunny, and apparently she used to own a possum. Needless to say we love going over there, because we always have an animal to play with. The weather has been hotter than ever, and people keep telling us to "wait until August, because that's when you can cut the air with a knife it's so thick." Humidity is not my favorite thing.

We also came across a street sign that will probably be the closest one we'll find to my actually name, so I made Sis. S take a picture of me, and she told me she'd only do it if I was holding a BOM... can anyone say cheesy? :)

Thanks for all the support and prayers! I love you all!

Love, Sister Kirkby

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