Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lost Dog

Hello west coast! (and anyone else around the world who's reading),

The mission is GREAT! Last week, we were feeling a little (more like a lot) discouraged, but by the end of the week, we had witnessed SO many miracles, it didn't even matter. Sister S always says that the good outweighs the hard, and it's very true. The Lord is very aware of us, and He loves us so much, and WANTS us to succeed.

Last Saturday we had quite the experience, and it was terrifying, but hilarious wrapped into one. We had just approached the door of a less active members house, for a dinner appointment when the very old man who lives there yells at us to "come in! But DON'T LET THE DOGS OUT... DON'T LET THEM OUT" He continues to yell at us about not letting his dogs out as we open the door. Sister S is immediately attacked by four little dogs, and she shoots to the floor in attempt to keep them all contained. In the process, I'm shoving her into the house, so that I can close the door, to avoid the unspeakable. This quick, 10 second ordeal happens, and I walk up the stairs to introduce myself to this man, because I've never met him before. As we're talking, Sister S comes to me, looking a little flustered, and tells me that we should probably take off our shoes by the door, and so I ask the man if he'd like us to take our shoes off. He exclaims that the floor has been peed and vomited on so often by his dogs, that he wouldn't imagine for us to take off our shoes, and Sister S looks like she's about to freak. I give her a look, as if to say "What's you're problem", and she leans in and whispers to me "We let one of the dogs out!".

I'm sure the look on my face was just pure terror.... A million things run through my mind in an instant. I'm trying to think of how we're supposed to tell this man we let one of his dogs out, or a way to create an excuse to go outside, while I simultaneously ask her what in the craycray she wants me to do about it?? We sit down at the table, because this man is ushering us towards our seats, and we're both in a panic. Sister S looks like a stone statue, and I'm still trying to figure out how to get outside to find this poor puppy. Suddenly I remember that we left the phone out in the car, so I apologize to the brother, and explain that we "left our phone outside, and we're expecting a call, so we're going to go grab it real quick". Sister S and I leap from our seats, and bolt out the door. We step outside and this dog is NO WHERE TO BE SEEN, and I thought Sister S was going to punch a wall. As we walk around the corner, we see it, just hanging out by a bush, and Sister S runs to catch that little dog. As she picks it up, (it's maybe 40lbs), she struggles towards me, and thrusts it into my arms, claiming it's "too heavy". We run inside the home, and I throw the dog inside, hoping that the man won't see that I've just come inside with his dog in my arms.

We walk back up the stairs, a little winded, and SO RELIEVED we found this mans dog alive, and not squished on the side of the road. Throughout the rest of dinner, we were trying so so hard not to bust out laughing at the whole situation, and as soon as the doors to our car closed, we laughed so hard... for a good 10 minutes.

Thank goodness we found that mans dog, because this story would end up much less funny if we hadn't. MIRACLES ARE REAL

Thanks for all of your support, and keep sharing the gospel with those around you! I love you!
Love, Sister Kirkby

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