Monday, April 4, 2016

Opposition is key


This week has been really slow, and I have no pictures because Sister Ward got really sick with the flu, and was in bed most of the week, bless her heart. We are also going without a car as of right now, and so it actually worked out really well, where she lied in bed, I got caught up on little things around the apartment, and we didn't have to walk much of anywhere. The little amounts of work we did do, we were able to pick up three new investigators! One of which seems super promising! So thankful to members who were willing to pick us up, and take us to our appointments :)

General Conference was this weekend, and I seriously needed it. Elder Holland spoke exactly what I needed to hear. I had gone to conference with a question in my heart, and with it wrapping up, I thought my question wasn't going to get answered, but the Lord humbled me, and answered it right at the end. He sure does love me, and trials my faith, for sure! Opposition is so key, and if we trust in the Lord, all things work out for our good.

As I was watching genconf yesterday, I realized that the next time I'll be watching genconf will be the last week of my mission.... Time sure does fly by.

Our purpose is to serve God! Never forget that! Find time this week to do something extraordinary for the Lord.

I love you all!

Love, Sister Kirkby

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