Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Even past the last door!

Wow, what a crazy week!

Saturday was a great day as we watched Sister Carey enter the waters of baptism! She was a member 50+ years ago, fell away, and then was found by missionaries here in Martinsville about a year ago. When I got here we started working with her regularly, and she was able to work with the bishop so that she could be baptized! It was such a neat experience, and I was so happy for her! Her sister was there, and it was something that she really needed to see, because she always asks the questions that the gospel answers. Hopefully this experience will push her to make the right decisions! Sister Ray was also at the baptism, and afterwards she gave Sister Carey a hug, and she said "That's what I need to do." YES. IT IS! She just needs to get her act together! Sometimes agency is hard, and the influence of Satan is even harder! But, we do what we can do, and leave the rest up to the Lord.

Saturday night we watched the women's broadcast with Sister Louya, ate mashed potatoes, and lots of salt water taffy, and it was awesome. I loved how basic the broadcast was..... best part about it (if you didn't watch it, go watch Elder Uchtdorfs talk, because then this will make sense) is the story that President Uchtdorf told about the missionaries who found his wife, it totally happened to Sister Stettler and I, where we were tracting this apartment complex, and we were not going to give up! We were determined to find someone to teach! But when we hit the last door, the lady was super hateful and yelled at us to go away, and that we were invading her privacy... so even at the last door, sometimes things won't happen the way you want it to, so you just gotta keep going... even past the last door! (

So, today was incredible, because we got permission to go to the temple with our recent convert Brother Price, and with Sister Louya! Oh my goodness it was so good to be back in the temple again! It had been so long, and to be able to do the work for those who have passed on was incredible.... it was also incredible to witness Brother Price be baptized for his grandfather, and to see his excitement. When we left, we asked how he felt, and he said he felt content and peaceful, and that his heart was super full. I am so glad that we had the opportunity to go, especially since Satan tried really hard to keep us from going! That guy works too hard for nothing, haha!

Well, I reckon I only got one more week to fully dedicate myself to the Lord, so here we go! It's going to go by so fast, and next week will be a blur, and it probably won't even hit me until I am on the airplane, but that's alright with me, because I don't wanna dwell on it! I am focused on right here right now, because that's where the Lord wants me!

I'm encouraging all of you to watch conference this upcoming weekend! It's one of my most favorite weekends out of the whole year! I mean, people went through a lot so that we could have a prophet on the earth today! What a blessing...

Have a good week! I love y'all!

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