Friday, May 6, 2016


This week was really good! 
We had an awesome lesson with our most promising investigator. He's 15, and super intelligent and prepared. We taught him the Plan of Salvation, and invited him to be baptized with someone who holds authority, and he says "Sign me up! Where's the closest person with authority?" and we point at the member we were with and say "that guy." it was funny, haha. He's on date for May 28th. He came to church yesterday, and he loved it. He's also been to mutual a few times, and is loving that as well. I'm excited to see how he does.

We also taught the Word of Wisdom to another investigator. He's been learning for awhile now, and recently has been progressing. He's kept his reading assignments, and he was on date for baptism. He has a smoking problem, and he loves his coffee, so we knew we needed to teach it to him soon, so that he can start overcoming those weaknesses. He took the lesson really well, and the member we brought with us was perfect for him, because she had the same problems, and we didn't even know it! It was Spirit led!

One man we're teaching is a friend of a member that we are teaching, and he has cancer,  but is not letting it get in the way of him learning about the gospel. It's his 3rd time out of remission, and his faith is incredible! I'm glad we have the opportunity to teach him

And one of my favorite investigators loves her church, but knows the Book of Mormon is true, and so we're trying to get her to socially convert to the ward, because she already loves the doctrine. We had a REALLY powerful lesson with her, and the Spirit was so strong. We put her on date for May 28th, and we know the Lord will ensure she's ready if she takes those steps and comes to church.

Sometimes as a missionary, you wonder why you do what you do, because it doesn't feel like it means anything, but then you get told otherwise. Yesterday we stopped by at a less actives house, and she let us right in, and we started to teach her the Restoration. We had only met with this lady a few times, and we didn't really know how she truly felt about us coming over, nor did we know why she had stopped coming to church, because she had been really active in years previous. Well at the end of the lesson, we committed her to start reading in her scriptures, and she got really teary and said "you know, the Lord really has sent you to me. If there's one reason as to why you're here in this area now, it's because I really needed you. You may not know it, but I'm that reason"

to hear someone tell you that brings so much validity to your work. #worthit

I love missionary work, and I love the Lord!

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